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How to update to a color changing inground pool led light by changing the bulb.

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How to update to a color changing inground pool led light by changing the bulb.

Before the guide ,let’s talk about the LED lights features.LED light with very best cost performance, Because it has so many advantaged features compare with halogen and incandescent(Durable time, Light efficiency, Energy Saving and No maintenance) An LED light use semiconductor chip for lighting, No filament, no glass bubble, no fear of shock, not easy broken. The Incandescent lamp life time not more than 1000hours, A CFL lamp will not last excessed 8000hours.  But an LED light life time is 50,000+hours. And it energy saving up to 80% compare with traditional lamp.Can Save lots of electricity bill for homeowner. Besides, the light prouce by LED is very soft. No UV,no Infrared.(Hight-voltage sodium lamp with UV and Infeared).  Due to LED light adopt DC current, no flicking, it is good for eyes.

For inground pool led light, it has white light and color changing light.  White light usually use for commercial pool, with CCT from 5000K to 6000K.  Voltage has 12V and 120V option,Lumen output is same . Color changing light price is a bit high, but still acceptable and popular for pool owners. Color changing pool light produce mutli-color option. It has program change color modes automatic, or control by switch or remote. And color change modes includes speed,flashing,..etc.

Ok, Now let’s discuss how to update our pool light to a led color changing light. There are two ways to update, depends on the pool light fixture you have. You can read article”How to get pool light information for a replacement” to identify your pool light specific.Most of pool light can update to led via replace the whole light fixture to LED , which cost will high, it will waste for the old light fixture.  Another way , only change the bulb inside the light fixture. This way need your pool light fixture compatible with the led light fixture.  Almost all of the LED pool light bulb include white light and color changing light, lamp base is Edsion Base( E26 and E27). Besides, the light fixture need has enough space. As we test, Hayward SP058 and Pentair 784 can be updated by change bulbs for sure.  Other type ,before changing you need measure the light fixture inside size and check whether it is Edsion lamp holder. After you get the lamp info and you buy a lamp you can update it follow the steps from the guide” How to change swimming pool light bulb to led, Text and image guidance.

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