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Best LED Above Ground Pool Lights Review

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Above Ground Pool Lights Buying Guide

In Summer, A pool party is one the best way for most of us, people always beginning the party when sun goes down. Because it is really hot outside at daytime. If you like most of us, don’t have a inground pool, we can get a above ground pool quite easy and will bring a lot of fun during the summertime. Then buy a above ground pool light is very necessary. We can’t only reply on the landscape light or backyard light to illuminate the pool. Especially the family who have children. We must keep eyes on them. It is better to have a pool light, as a pool light which install on pool walls will help us see every people clearly even underwater things.If you are considering purchase a quality above ground pool light, you really need take these things into consideration. Such as light brightness, power supply way, install way.

Brightness will be regards as the most important consideration. LED above ground pool with LED technology are several times bright than traditional light. LED light has white color and color changing option for above ground pool. White color is brighter than colored.If you have children, you may consider white color,it is bright enough ,so you can see every place of the pool even underwater. Color-changing pool light is stylish, if you consider a pool party more and want create swimming atmosphere, color pool light is good for you.

There are several power supply ways above ground pool light, If your pool light plugged in, it is better select a pool light with a 12V transformer. Our home electricity voltage is 120V,can’t directly connect to the pool light. Transform to a 12V is safety. If your see a pool light with battery, you need check whether it can recharger.  Some pool light with AAA or AA battery, after some days , you will need buy new battery to replace. If battery is rechargeable, it can be more convenient. There are some above aground pool light with solar charge, this light usually with small power, please note.

The above pool light has wall pool light and floating pool light. Floating light most with battery or solar, with small power and colored. If the wall pool light with power cord connect, you need check whether it has enough length power cord. We cant put the plug too close to the pool. Because there has water comes out from pool when we play games. If plug too closed water, not safe. Besides, most cord connect pool light are attached on pool walls, you must check whether it enough strong attached.

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