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China LED light factory

About Us

Our Aims: ” Make online shopping easy and safe.”


Home Light Pro was eastablished by a group of experienced online shopping buyer ,and all of member have more than 5 years as the top reviews for big online shopping platform. Some of us are working for international company as purchase manager. Our team know each other from a formu and have same great passion to open a site to provide free shopping tips and products review help consumers make better informed buying decisions.

We show visitors only the best-rated products based on their search criteria.We will not list many products list which we do not familar. We only provide the products info which we used and the user are  full experienced in the products field.

During the daily work, our members have opportunity read thousands of customer products reviews, analysis sales data,manufacturer specs and social media posts,blogs.

Besides,our website manage team are data expert. They will collect thousands of sales record,goals report,feedback records. The compare all the data. Then our related products expert will go to buy and use by ourself.

Through above step we will give the relate proce a top rated list. The list not only one time, we will update it if we find any new data may case some changes.

Using our site is completely free. If any question you concern, freely to communicate with us.



China LED light factory