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How to get pool light information for a replacement

How to get the inground pool light information for a replacement?

This articles will guide you get your failed inground pool light information, when you pool light failed, you will need the pool light manufacture,part NO, input voltage, wattage. Then you can find a suitable replacement bulb. Here we listed steps will help you find it quickly.

Step One: Cut off the pool light power.

Any work related to electricity, turn off the power is the first thing we need do to avoid electric shock. Usually ,the pool electricity control box install near to the pool. The pool builder should tell you when they build the pool for you.There has several circuit breaker insider the box, find the lighting breaker turn off.

Step Two: Take out the pool light fixture from niche to pool deck.

Almost all the pool light niche should design to install on the pool side wall, and people’s hand can reach the pool light fixture by lay on pool deck.Then you can following the below picture guide to unscrew the pool light fixture.If your hand cant reach, you need jump into water to do this.

After unscrew it, pull out the light fixture from the niche hole. Your pool light installer should left enough length cord inside the niche, so the pool light fixture and pull out to pool deck.

Step Three: Check The label to know manufacture,model NO, wattage..etc.

You can open the pool light fixture by unscrew the ring screw. if no water leak inside, the light fixture is still good.

Just change a new bulb is ok.

You will know the wattage from 300W to 500W. You can buy a same one to replace, or you can update it to a inground pool led light. About LED vs halogen light compare ,here is an article. Besides,led pool light have many types in the market,major include white color led light bulb and multicolor inground pool led light. Muti-color led pool light have switch control way and remote control way. Here is our reviewed some best seller types in the market.  Top Rated 5 Best Inground Pool Led lights Review 2017

The Last step, get new inground pool led light or same lamps as before one to replace.

To get the suitable led lights, you need take a measurement of the pool light fixture inside diameter and depth to select led bulbs. Suggest use a new gasket replace the old one on the fixture plate. And replace the old screw(the one you screw out at step two) with a new one.We have detail guide to show how to replace the bulb-How to change swimming pool light bulb to led, Text and image guidance.

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