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How to choose a inground pool led lights to replace Incandescent bulb-Home Light Pro

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Compare with incandescent bulb, a inground pool led lights has follow advantages.

1,A halogen bulb last about 5000hours, LED bulb is able to work more than 50000+hours. And halogen light decay very quickly,2000hours light decay 25%. LED light decay only less than 15% 30000hours.We will see black inside the bulb.    Because it cost too much electrcity to heating,only 20% electrical energy transfer to light lumen.  LED light transfer rate is 90%

2,LED light composed by led chips,driver and housing. In one PCB borard have many chip series connection and parallel connection.And only need very thin current can light up the high lumen efficiency led chip. That’s one of reason LED light save 80% energy than incandescent light.

3,Incandescent light only for lighting, with led light we can changing many different color just turn on/off the light switch.And also can control by remote.

If you want change your inground pool light bulb to led, follow below steps you will find the most suitable led light bulb for Hayward or Pentair fixture .

Step 1: Size.

There are many type of led light bulb for swimming pool in the market. Before we go to choose one we need know whether it can fit the niche. So we need know the niche’s inside diameter. Take out the incandescent bulb, take the measurement of the diameter.

Step 2: Wattage

Here has chart which we have test many types led light lumen, follow it you choose the suitable power of led pool light. If your pool is new, you can select the wattage according to the gallon.

Incandescent Wattage

LED Bulb Wattage

Pool Gallon










Step 3: Voltage

The input voltage is very important, before you buy a led light bulb, must check what the input voltage you current have. 120Volt or 12Volt.  If you have a new pool want install a 12volt led pool light. You will need install a voltage transformer to convert 120v to 12v.

Step 4: Light Color

Incandescent bulb only white light color, LED inground pool light bulb have many light colors .In the market, there are two type led pool light bulb only white or RGB(multicolor) color changing. And the multicolor types has remote control and switch control, or both. Price is big different. If you want the led light bulb just for save electricity fee, choose the white light. If you want it have multicolor to create romantic atmosphere. You may need a RGB led pool light bulb. If you want a led pool light with remote. You need check your niche material first.If it PC , you can choose a remote control led pool light. If it is all made with stainless steel, the remote signal will be weaken by the metal housing. When you use remote you may need walk very close to the light bulb, if the metal thick or the pool light fixture install very deeply. The remote even cant work. Because the signal cant reach. If this situation, a switch control color bulb is more suitable for your pool, which control way is turn on/off the wall light switch. But only very few metal light fixture can make the signal missing. Most metal housing just weaken the signal, you still can control via remote when you walk close to the pool light(7-10feet).

Conclusion, The inground pool led lights is the best choice for your swimming pool. Even it will cost higher than Incandescent bulb.  But it life span enough long and excellently energy saving feature will help you save lots of electricity money.  Besides, it is able to change color to create atmosphere. And if you need help to install the led light bulb , we have a guidance post “How to change swimming pool light bulb to led.”

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