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Best LED Garage Light Review: Buying Guide

For some people, the garage is not only a storage place, it has turn into a perfect work space for personal hobby, such as woodwork and handcraft… No matter use as a garage or workshop, a bright lighting is very necessary, Especially the ones spend lots of time in garage …

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Best LED Above Ground Pool Lights Review

above ground pool light review

Above Ground Pool Lights Buying Guide In Summer, A pool party is one the best way for most of us, people always beginning the party when sun goes down. Because it is really hot outside at daytime. If you like most of us, don’t have a inground pool, we can …

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How to get pool light information for a replacement

How to get the inground pool light information for a replacement? This articles will guide you get your failed inground pool light information, when you pool light failed, you will need the pool light manufacture,part NO, input voltage, wattage. Then you can find a suitable replacement bulb. Here we listed …

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Top Rated 5 Best Inground Pool Led lights Review 2017

Swimming is one of the best way to rest and relax is lounge in our backyard swimming pool. Here we have fun with families and friends, also can enjoy quiet ourself. While daytime we might have lot of work to do. Even have time,we need exposed to the sun heat …

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Pentair Colored LED Pool Light Review

Pentair 601002 IntelliBrite 5G Color Underwater LED Pool Light Features 1, Famous brand with long history. 2, With 120V and 12V for different pool voltage. 3, With 50foot cord and 100foot cord for different size pool. 4,Lens can be rotated to 180 degrees to provide wide beam pattern or narrow …

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Pentair Incandescent Pool Light Review

If you are a new pool owner, you might consider all design and equipment cost to beatify and illuminate your pool.  If you want save lot the light cost,You can buy a Pentair or Hayward pool light fixture, then change the Incandescent bulb to led . Features Stainless Steel Face …

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Bonbo Inground Pool LED Light Review

Bonbo Inground Pool LED Light Review Features 1,High output inground pool led lights,6500k daylight white color. 2,As bright as a 600w halogen bulb but only uses 50w. 3,Use an E26/E27 Edison screw in base, so it can be installed easily into your existing fixture Overview If you just want light …

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P&LED Color Inground Pool LED Light Review

P&LED Color Inground Pool LED Light Review Features P&LED inground pool led lights is a color changing led bulb.With switch + remote control.The remote control which  have 58 changes effective  Compatibility: Hayward Astrolite”SP058 Series,Pentair Amerlite 784…etc. E27 and E26 lamp holder, you can change your old traditional lamp to this …

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WYZM Color Inground Pool LED Lights Review

WYZM Color Inground Pool LED Lights Review Features 1, 120V and 12v for select, and 20W and 35W for select. 2, Swicth color control design. 3,It comes programmed with 15 settings including 7 solid colors and 9 unique color. You can set color mode via turn on/off the pool light …

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